WordPress and IIS

The updated IISinformaiton.com site is now running wordpress on IIS.    The team tested a few blog systems and landed on WordPress as the final choice.    During our process we have followed a few guides and also learned a few things.

Here are a few good instructions for installing wordpress on IIS:

Instructions for using the Web Application Installer : http://blogs.iis.net/richma/archive/2009/12/30/installing-word-press-on-iis-using-the-web-platform-installer-webpi.aspx

Installing manually without the WAI: http://learn.iis.net/page.aspx/280/install-wordpress-on-iis/

Detailed install on IIS7: http://www.trainsignaltraining.com/installing-wordpress-on-iis7/2008-10-06/

Some of the key elements to watch for are correctly setting up web permissions and MySQL permissions.  Thankfully the team here has used MySQL and WordPress in the past.